Pet Care Rewards Card

APA-PetCareRewardsCard1Our Pet Care Rewards Membership rewards you for giving your pet the best chance to live a long and healthy life. We have developed a rewarding membership plan that unleashes the savings by giving cash back rewards and supporting a great cause at the same time!

Membership Benefits:

  • Instant rewards of 5% cash back that will be loaded automatically on your membership card with every purchase and can be used like real money towards future services.
  • With every dollar you spend at All Paws Animal Clinic we will donate 2% of the total bill to the Veterinary Care Foundation or to another local animal nonprofit organization. This is done with complete transparency and accountability through our membership platform.
  • Two examinations (illness or wellness) throughout the membership year.
  • A complimentary nail trim during your birthday month.
  • Many other exclusive benefits that members will get throughout the year!

Why Wellness?

  • Prevention is the best medicine! Many diseases and conditions can be prevented easily through regular examinations, vaccinations, monthly preventative treatments and diagnostic screenings. Our goal is to help ensure that your pet maintains optimal health and longevity.
  • Healthy animals make healthier humans! Many studies have proven the emotional and physical benefits that pets bring us, from lowering depression to having an increased sense or purpose. The impact that our four-legged family members have on us is immeasurable.


Additional Services

Dental cleanings & fresh breath

Bad breath is the most common sign of dental disease noted by pet owners. However, this is often only the tip of the iceberg. The gums can become irritated leading to bleeding and oral pain. Bacteria surrounding the roots can also gain access to the bloodstream... read more

Cold Laser Therapy

Just what is cold laser therapy? More and more veterinarians are recommending cold laser therapy as a means to help their patients with acute and chronic medical problems. Commonly known as LLLT, cold or soft laser, it is a form of photo therapy which involves the... read more

Behavioral Tips

Introducing a New Cat to Your Family

Before introducing cats, it is helpful to understand their natural behavior. Feral cats typically live in matrilineal, related colonies. Male cats may travel among a number of colonies. When an adult female cat enters the colony, they are typically driven away by the... read more

Introducing your pet to your new baby

So you are expecting a little one! (Of the human kind that is!) Congratulations! In the course of the many preparations in expectation of your baby, on that list should be considering what measures you will need to take to make the presence of the baby acceptable in... read more