George Elliott

I want you to know how much I appreciate the compassion you gave me on the worst day of my life. I’ll never forget those moments. Your follow-up note to me, and the additional comments added by your staff, display what loving wonderful people all of you are.


The Rosarios

We are so very thankful and grateful for having have met such wonderful staff like you. You have cared for our Joey and have made him a part of your family. Thank you for the wonderful memories; memories that will remain forever in our hearts.


Cindy Haerlin

I want to personally thank you and your wonderful staff for being there for me. Your kindness, professionalism, gentle care of you and your staff showed during a very difficult time. It’s so very hard to say goodbye to my “Halo” and the way you and your staff were allowed me to let her go. I know she is in a better place and at peace and I know I will see her again. You and your staff showed me how genuine you care for each and every pet who comes through your doors.

Cindy Haerlin 02/25/2015

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Lena Rubinovich

I am writing to express my appreciation to the staff at All Paws Animal Clinic and the Veterinary Care Foundation. My recently acquired boxer puppy was happy, healthy and smart when I got him and seemed perfect. It was love at first sight for my family and I. Then my puppy started having seizures about two months after I got him. After numerous veterinary visits including specialty offices and neurology consults, we still had no diagnosis. The neurologist was recommending that we run an MRI of the brain, spinal tap with fluid analysis and an EKG. I had exhausted my financial resources with all of the visits and tests already done. My family and I were devastated, as the breeder was refusing to assist with medical expenses. They requested that I return the puppy for them to euthanize. I felt that I had no other option available, until Dr. Patty and Vicki at All Paws Animal Clinic offered to help with payment through their new Pet Care Rewards Program and the Veterinary Care Foundation that the rewards program helps to fund. I was able to have all three tests performed and find out my pet has no serious health issues. If not for this assistance, I may not have my pet today. Currently he is taking anti-seizure medication and doing well. We are hopeful that he will grow out of the seizures within the next year, I cannot thank All Paws and the Veterinary Care Foundation enough for the lifetime of love I will now share with my puppy!


Lena Rubinovich 08/25/2015

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Diane Guerrero


Words cannot express the appreciation of your generosity in helping with the cost of Carolina’s eye surgery yesterday. (via the Veterinary Care Foundation) The care and compassion that you and your staff give to each fur baby that walks through your door underscores why we come to you for vet care. Thank you for all that you do to ensure Sadie and Carolina get such good care.

Alan & Diane Guerrero