Emergency And Critical Care

redcrossIf an emergency should occur during regular business hours and you are a pre-existing client, we will see you, depending on the nature of the emergency. Please call in advance so that we can prepare what will be needed for critical care.

After hours emergencies – If you feel that you are unsure if you have a true emergency, a doctor from All Paws will be available to be reached at 561-531-2400 until 10 pm every evening. Please leave a detailed message including your name, the pet’s name, number to be reached, and a short description of the problem. However, if your emergency is of a more severe nature, please contact one of the following 24 hour emergency centers:

Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists
3884 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach (561) 434-5700

Pet Emergency of Palm Beach County
(Northlake and I-95)
3816 Northlake Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens
(561) 691-9999

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens
4019 Hood Rd
Palm Beach Garden
(561) 625-9995

Poison Control
ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center Hotline
(888) 426–4435

Additional Services

Dental cleanings & fresh breath

Bad breath is the most common sign of dental disease noted by pet owners. However, this is often only the tip of the iceberg. The gums can become irritated leading to bleeding and oral pain. Bacteria surrounding the roots can also gain access to the bloodstream... read more

Cold Laser Therapy

Just what is cold laser therapy? More and more veterinarians are recommending cold laser therapy as a means to help their patients with acute and chronic medical problems. Commonly known as LLLT, cold or soft laser, it is a form of photo therapy which involves the... read more

Behavioral Tips

The Holidays and Your Pet

With the holidays fast approaching we are all anticipating the wonderful sights, sounds and foods of the season. Our pets however experience a unique set of circumstances that can put them at risk for needing medical care. It is our intention to help you and your... read more

Your pet & Chocolate!

Let’s face it most of us find chocolate anything irresistible. Seriously there should be a chocoholic’s anonymous!  While WE may experience an expanding waistline from our indulgences, our PET’S can actually be poisoned by theirs. You see chocolate... read more